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So, the dispute will go into the esteemed hands of a Senior Executive of Nominet after 4:30 pm on 14th August 2001. (That's the date by which we have to get any further representations to Nominet if we want them to be taken into account). We can only hope that Nominet are truly as impartial as they say they are. We can only hope that justice will prevail and they won't be swayed by the might of the other FSA's General Counsel's Division.

The other FSA's argument to have the domain name cancelled or suspended is based around whether or not we are causing confusion to internet users because a few e-mails for them are having their addresses mistyped by the senders and ending up with us. The fact we deal with any misdirected e-mails with the discretion and confidentiality of any professional organisation appears to be irrelevant.

The fact that it is not Jo Public that is confused but their own members, advisers and staff are making mistakes also appears to be irrelevant. Whatever the reason for these mistakes (be it overtiredness, pressure of work or a lapse in attention to detail) we do not believe we should be penalised for them. The main culprits are the Bank of England, their own staff who give the wrong address to, for example, Virgin Wines when ordering their weekend supplies over the internet from Canary Wharf and a couple of employment agencies sending CVs.

Most disturbingly, we have still not received a copy of the rogue Fergal George e-mail. We are beginning to wonder if it ever existed in the first place or is just a figment of the other FSA's imagination. If you know better, please email us at

Fergal's Found!


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