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The Original FSA gather their sling and shot

Now, being a small, family run business, Findlay Steele Associates Ltd don't have their own General Counsel's Division. Mild panic ensues. Various questions echo round the modest environs of the Findlay Steele Associates office:

    "Passing off - what's that?"
    "Legal action - ~gulp~ - how much is in the petty cash tin?"
    "Where's the gin?"
    "Where's my passport?"

It being a Saturday, the lawyer isn't available. However, the internet is. So, ignoring the sunshine outside and the beach about a mile away, we do a spot of indoor surfing of the net.

That tried and trusted search engine provided by Yahoo comes up with the goods and we discover the Trade Marks Act 1994. We also discover various cases relating to passing off on the Lord Chancellor's Department website. What a useful site it is. It holds, amongst other things, selected details of judgements made in various English courts.

The initial panic slowly subsides, to be replaced by anger and a new set of questions:

    "How dare they accuse us of passing off?"
    "How can they say we're pretending to be a financial regulator? We don't even deal in financial matters."
    "They seem to think we're cybersquatting - how can we be when we bought the domain name in good faith, month's before they even existed?"
    "I really do need that gin now..."

The rest of that sunny weekend in June was spent compiling our reply to Nominet.

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