People Associated (sometimes loosely!) with Springbourne History

CLAPCOTT William One of the original three Commissioners tasked with implementing the 1802 Christchurch Enclosure Act. Died in 1835. Was a member of the Dean, Clapcott and Castleman Bank in Wimborne. Married Mary DEAN on 22 May 1792 at Blandford. Inherited Littledown House when his father in law, Joseph DEAN died in 1812. Will proved in August 1835. He left his estate at Holdenhurst to the Dean family and everything else to his wife. A transcript of his will can be found here
DALE John Father of the wife of Dr. William FARR. Owned various estates in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight. A transcript of his will can be found here.
FARR William  Dr. d. 1809. Physician to the Royal Naval hospital, Plymouth 1744 - 1804. Built  Iford House, on land adjoining Castle Lane East and Christchurch Road in 1795. One of the people mentioned in the Christchurch Enclosure Award. Married Sarah DALE, daughter of John DALE of Chewton, New Milton. There was a court case surrounding the will of his uncles Robert and William DALE. (ii)  A copy of his will can be found here.
FARR William Dale d. 2 Jan 1865. Clerk of the Peace Hampshire aged 94. Iford Son of Dr. William Farr MD. Inherited Iford House and lands granted to his father under the Christchurch Enclosure Award.
FARR William Windham Son of William Dale Far. A magistrate. Never married.
MALMESBURY James Harris, 1st Earl of b. April 1746, d. Nov. 1820. Land owner. Bought part of the land on which Springbourne was built when the land was enclosed. Born plain James Harris, in Salisbury, he was created Baron Malmesbury in 1788 and given an Earldom in 1800.
TAPPS Sir George Ivison Purchased plot 74 in the Enclosure Award. Born 5th January 1753 in North Church, Hertfordshire. Created a baronet on 28th July 1791 (i) He was the son of George Gervis TAPPS (d. 1774) of Hinton Admiral. He was appointed Sheriff of the County of Southampton for the year 1793. Died on the 15th March, 1835 age 83.
WICKENS John Of Mapperton, Almer near Blandford. One of the original three Commissioners tasked with implementing the 1802 Christchurch Enclosure Act. Died at Almer, in 1827 age 88. Married to Elizabeth who died in 1822. There is a monument to them in the parish church at Almer

(i)    The Times, 22 June 1791

From the London Gazette, June 18
Whitehall, June 21
The King has been pleased to grant the dignity of a Baronet of the kingdom of Great Britain to the following Gentlemen, and the respective heirs male of the bodies lawfully begotten viz.
George Ivison Tapps of Hinton Admiral in the County of Southampton, Esq.


(ii) The Times 8 Jul 1788

''Country News'

At the Winchester Assizes, a cause which has been much mentioned, was determined before Lord Chief Baron Eyre. Dr. Farr, the physician of the Plymouth Hospital, was the plaintiff, to set aside a will, obtained from his late Uncle, Robert Dale LLD when in a state of insanity. The permanent insanity of Dr. Dale being proved, the Jury, which was special, gave a verdict for Dr. Farr. The property thus recovered is not considerable; but it appeared necessary for this verdict to be obtained, preliminary to another issue now pending.The pending suit is to combat a will of Mr. [William] Dale, another Uncle, bequeathing, wonderful to tell, 40,000 to the Attorney who made the Will.

Elaine M. Findlay

April 2006